Mission Trips FAQ

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call.  Also we are available to come speak to your group during our furlough year. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Do we need special immunizations? The government itself does not check any immunization records. As a precaution you may want to check with your personal physician to see what is recommended.

What papers are necessary for entering the country? Everyone should have a current passport, and one other photo ID. A $10 fee will be imposed upon entering the country for your tourist visa.

Are there any health rules that should guide us? Don’t buy food from street vendors, as you risk affecting your health. Do not drink any tap water, even at expensive hotels. Ice needs to come from filtered ice machines. Only bottled water is recommended for consumption. All fruits and vegetables need to be washed thoroughly before peeling. If you will be involved in construction a current tetanus shot is recommended though not required.

Can we eat the food? Our cooks are trained to wash the food carefully and use all healthy precautions. They cook with love, and most people find the food delicious. Some people like to bring snacks. What is the current monetary exchange rate? It is $45.00 DR pesos to $1.00  U.S. Dollar (rates can vary.) Be careful of money changers in the street who are notorious for taking advantage of tourists.

How should we dress? Think summer clothes. In the winter months you may need a light jacket for the evenings. For ministering in local churches, a dress or skirt is preferred for the women, and pants for the men. Most Dominicans dress up to go to church. As Christians, the rule is modesty, wherever you are.