Ruthie Martinez Children’s Fund

The Ruthie Martinez Children’s Fund was established in 1999 in memory of Ruthie Martinez, daughter of Mitch and Debbie Martinez.  She died tragically in a car accident while serving as a teacher at La Vega Christian School during its very first year. She dearly loved children, so it was fitting to honor her with the naming of this fund.

The children’s fund supports several Dominican Missions projects:

Scholarships to study at La Vega Christian School

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Help Us Get a Good and Godly Education!

Each year a number of half and full scholarships are awarded to needy children through the Ruthie Martinez Scholarship Fund.  A gift of $35 per month pays for a half scholarship.  You will receive a short biography and a photo of your sponsored child.  Correspondence is encouraged.

School Improvements

Donations to the Ruthie Martinez Children’s Fund may also be allocated for projects related to the development of La Vega Christian School.  Through these donations we covered a basketball court adjacent to the school, completed the third story to the main school building, with tow computer labs, a library, media center, and a Science Lab.  We also added a two-story eight classroom wing for preschoolers and the early education program, and playground area.

Scholarships to provide an education for Haitian Children.

Haitian children face various barriers to attending a public school. One, they are often undocumented legally and cannot attend. Two, there is a difficult language and cultural barrier to cross. Three, often the costs for a public school uniform, shoes, and school supplies is not within economic reach of these families. For $25.00 a month, you will help provide funding to pay teachers and and staff for a Haitian day school.  Any residual funds will go directly towards a snack or a meal for these needy children.

Support for poor families.

 From time to time various needs are seen that need addressing.  Families going through especially difficult times.  Children with school supply needs, etc.  A community with a need for a water pump or well.  This funds helps with these and other needs.  It is  amazing how far a little goes towards helping someone here.

Pray about sending a contribution.  Contact us with any questions.

Please send Tax Deductible donations for the Ruthie Martinez Children’s Fund to:
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P.O. Box 1761
Columbia, SC 29202-1761