Construction Projects

It is our pleasure to network with church construction teams from the U.S..  Currently we have been involved in more than 35 projects here in the Dominican Republic.  These include church facilities, school facilities, clinics, and later additions.  From Montecristi to La Romana, from Las Terrenas to Azua; construction teams have been at work building new sanctuaries and classrooms.  We have had teams work on roofs, laying blocks, pouring concrete, working with rebar, painting, sheetrocking, even building cabinets and bookshelves.

Current Projects include:  (date posted)

Building a church and school for a Haitian congregation in Los Rieles.  $32,000.00 (11/15)

Building a parsonage for a church in Jima Abajo. $12000.00 (11/15)

Purchasing property and building a Haitian church for El Limoncito.  $20,000.00 (11/15)

Purchasing an existing church building for Barranco.  $15,000.00 (4/16)